Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SMARTboard...the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

WARNING...this post may turn into a rant. LOL

I'm starting with the Bad and the Ugly because those are what are prompting me to write this post and I need to get it off my chest!

I had a SMARTboard installed in my classroom at the end of the June this year. . . Spent a day in the summer learning about the software and how to create your own lessons. . . Spent the summer downloading potential SMARTboard lessons to use in the Fall.

Eat your heart out Red Green!
This is what the LCD projector connection to my laptop-that runs the SMARTboard software-that is supposed to make my lessons more interactive for the kids, currently looks like. . . actually, right now, the duct tape is not on my laptop because IT keeps coming undone! And even though the purple is pretty. . . it's just UGLY.

Now, you might be wondering why I would have to duct tape a brand new, freshly installed system?. . . well, it seems that the projector connection does not fit the connection on my laptop QUITE RIGHT. . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! How can you spend thousands of $$$$$ on a system and the connection doesn't fit?  And why, with all this wireless technology, couldn't they give me a wireless projector, so I could actually move my laptop (imagine that...moving a laptop...) around the classroom instead of having to keep it on my desk near the cord?!?! AARRGGHH!! . . . So, I emailed our techie guy, sending him the above photo, and explaining the situation.   Is there an adapter out there, that might fit the laptop, I ask???  The answer was, I needed a docking station (at $150) which, of course, no one was willing or able to pay. . . that is just BAD.

But despite these aggravating conditions, I LOVE using the SMARTboard.  Last week, I decided I was just going to deal with the plug falling out all the time (I rigged it a bit, so it's not AS bad).  Yesterday, I used my SMARTboard throughout the day and it was GREAT!  Words Sorts with my Word Study groups, an interactive lesson on Landforms, and because it was a rainy day (something that happens quite a bit on the 'Wet'coast), and we couldn't get outside for DPA (Daily Physical Activity) we did an aerobic session using my Fit Kids DVD. . . that is just GOOD.