Friday, June 29, 2012

Blog Slow Poke, Theme Day Pic & Summer Goal

I am a procastinating blogger.  Have no idea how my fav bloggers can be so consistent in their blogging?, so regular, so prolific?  LOL

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids.  We had been doing a theme a day for the last week, partially because of our field trip fiasco.  I said I would post pics of each theme day but there is one problem . . . I don't take pictures!  My teaching partner did and she has promised to email me some, so that I can post.  I have ONE picture from our Favourite Decade Day . . . but my friend took the picture of 'moi' and frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed to be seen 'reliving' the 80's!  However, I feel it is only fair that,  since I'm not really living up to my promise of providing photos, I should do my penance and put the picture up.

So here it is . . .try not to bust a gut, laughing!
Sadly, I probably dressed like this back in the 80's.
Being the last day of school, I had good intentions to take pictures of the kids.  Alas, it did not happen . . . even with my iPhone burning a hole in my pant pocket.  This is definitely a fault that must be rectified if I'm ever to keep and expand my blog following.  (Am I right?!) What is a blog without accompanying photos? . . . a boring blog, I say! LOL

So, It is my goal to be a much more prolific photo-taker and I am starting with my classroom.  Since stalking following Clutter Free Classroom I have been waiting for the end of the school year to do a major makeover of my classroom.  I've set aside the first week of summer break to organize, coordinate, and decorate my classroom.  Can you tell I'm a Clutter-Free-Classroom wannabee??

And I promise to take lots of pictures and actually share them on Blogger!  Wish me luck!

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