Thursday, May 3, 2012

Math as a Teachable Moment: Assessment Binder

I decided to organize my math assessment binder the same way I organized my reading assessment binder which is modeled after Beth Newingham's. . . if you haven't been over to her website you need to check it out . . .amazing! 

 At the front of the binder I keep a class record for All the Facts - one sheet for each operation.  When a student has mastered each operation, I highlight that students scores . . its a nice visual to see where everyone is, at a glance. 

I also keep a class record for Problem Solving -
there is one score for Problems Solved and one for Problems Posed.  We use Performance Standards in our district so the rubric I use is based on a 4 point scale 1= not yet meeting, 2=minimally meeting, 3= fully meeting, and 4= exceeding expectations.

 Each student has their own pocket divider which holds all their assessments.  Friday is assessment day, so I collect samples of their Problem Solving/Problem Posing, How Many Ways, and an All the Facts sheet.  I also include any other concept tests we have done.

Behind the pocket divider I keep a number of checklists.  This is the first year I've tried this program and I haven't used all the checklists, which I'm a little mad at myself for doing because there is one that I think would be very helpful when reporting to parents and I'm kicking myself for not having used it from the beginning.  In my defense, I will say that I was away for most of the second term AND I WILL be using it for the final term . . . I think?!  Anyways, here it is. . . .I know . . . I should be using it! <ack!>

Sadly, I also included a sheet to record the different problem solving strategies students use.  However, that kind of went by the wayside this year, too.  Sigh . . . next year . . .:)

I do, however use the How Many Ways criteria sheet to keep track of the types of things students are including in their equations.  This part of the program is amazing . . . I have students using square root, Pi, and powers . . in grade 3! But I'll go over that in more detail in a separate post.  The score is based on the same 4 point scale as the Problem Solving.

Next year I would also like to include a comment/observation sheet to record things I have observed or things I have discussed with the student about math.  The program is set up so that there is time during Games/Projects to meet with individual/small groups.   I think this would be a very useful addition to the binder, especially when it comes to reporting.

Overall, I am quite happy with the way my assessment binder is organized.  But, as with a lot of things, there is definitely room for tweaking!  I would love to get some feedback, or examples of what other people are doing to keep track of their assessments.

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