Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I love bucket lists. . . in fact, I had a bucket list before bucket lists became popular.  Of course, back then, I called it the "Things to Do Before I Die" list . . . Bucket List sounds much better.  Anyhoo!, back to the purpose of THIS post.  :)  Although here in BC, we still have 33 days of school (but who's counting!? ha, ha) I definitely was making a list of things I wanted to do/accomplish this summer.  So here it is . . . my summer bucket list:

  1. OK . . . visit Paris . . . it's already been planned for August! WooHoo!  4 days in Paris and then off to Germany, Austria, and who knows where else?, for 3 glorious weeks.  Can't wait!
  2. My niece's wedding ... in August and the day before we leave for Europe.
  3. Organize my classroom . . . I've been planning this for the first week in July ever since I discovered the Clutter Free Classroom blog! Not sure if I should hug her or smack her! LOL
  4. Read the CAFE book and Daily 5 book in more detail and use it to plan next year's Language Arts program
  5. Create more math games
  6. Plan what I'm teaching in SS and SC.  I've got a split grade next year, so I have to decide which units from which grade I want to use.  Usually I try to balance the units out so I'm teaching an even number for each grade.
  7. Enjoy the summer sunshine . . . which can sometimes be hit or miss around here!
 Well, that's it!  Hope I manage to cross off everything on the list!? Hope everyone else manages to do the same too!

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