Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily 5 Startup

So this year my teaching partner and I decided we were going to take on implementing Daily 5 and CAFE full-on in our classroom.  We both spent the summer reading/rereading the books, participating in the book study and watching numerous videos from the Sister's website (I used some of my Pro-D money to pay for a year's subscription to their $60 I've spent!).  I spent hours trying to figure out how it might look in our classroom and how to integrate it with the Words Their Way spelling program.

We are now in Day 4 of implementing Daily 5 and CAFE together.  We would not have been able to do this (well, OK, we probably could have, but not without majorly stressing) without the help of this marvelous little booklet I found somewhere on the internet...Pinterest? Blog? Lesson Planet? The Sister's website? doesn't really matter WHERE I found it...just that I did, because it has been a stress-saver!  The publication (and it's FREE) is titled, Daily 5 for Dummies, and takes you through the first 24 days of setting up the Daily 5 and CAFE structure in your classroom.  I absolutely <heart> Jayne Haenel, the author of this little gem!

So far, we've been working on Read to Self...we're up to 7minutes, I think?  The kids are enjoying it, my teaching partner and I are LOVING it.  I am sooo excited for this class.  When it's up and fully running our Daily 5 (it's actually Daily 4...we do read aloud together) will have this structure:

Round 1 — 5-7 min. Focus Lesson (Comprehension)
                    20 min. I-Work

Round 2 — 5-7 min Focus Lesson (Reading Strategy)
                    20 min. I-Work

Round 3 — 5-7 min. Focus Lesson (Writing Strategy)
                    20 min. I-Work

Whole Group Share/Review — 10 min.

Students must do Read to Self & Work on Writing daily, but choose either Word Work or Read to Someone for their 3rd choice. (Although the way I've structured it, sometimes they will have to do Word Work on certain days) not as much choice, but I think it'll work.

This structure fits nicely into our day, although ideally I would have liked more time for I-Work, but we don't live in an ideal world, so it is what it is.  Most days we will get 2 rounds of Daily 5 in the morning before recess break and then pick up the third round after recess.  I'm happy with it. :)

Fitting in Words Their Way caused the most stress for us, but I think we've managed to create a very doable structure in that regard.  Here's how we are planning to structure that:

  •  2 week cycle
  •  1st week of cycle meet with 2 lowest groups on Monday (using one round of Daily 5) and then meet with next 2 groups on Tuesday (using one round of Daily 5)
  • Plan to meet each group again the following week to touch base
  • one Daily 5 round every 2nd Friday is set aside for spelling assessment
  • Students receive 2 word study packets (one for homework, one for in class word work) that will be handed in the 2nd week of the word study cycle
 The WTW assignments will be done during Word Work.  I have a feeling that many will finish a word work activity in the allotted time, so I'm thinking I will give them the option of doing word work for 1/2 the time and handwriting/book exchange the other 1/2 of the time.  Book exchange will be on an assigned day.

I'm really hoping that once Daily 5 is up and running, it will be less onerous for the teachers as far as prep goes, because I have spent an inordinate amount of time planning how this is going to work...but then, isn't that what makes a successful program? :)

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