Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off...And Running...With a Classroom Reveal...Finally!

I wanted to link up with Teaching Blog Addicts Open House Linky Party for Tuesday's Classroom photos but, as you may have guessed, I missed it! fact, I didn't even get a chance to take pictures on Tuesday (which I had intended) because it was such a busy first day!

So yesterday, I arrived super early to school (hubby had to drive me to work because my car needed some fixing...I know...bad timing, or what?!) and managed to snap some pics of my class before the kiddies arrived.  So without further ado...Welcome to Division 6!

View straight in from classroom door.  This is the class library area.

Student book recommendation board...not the greatest picture.

This is my biggest takes up almost the entire wall.  This is the reading genres section...the other half (not in photo) is currently empty but will be used for SS and Science stuff.

My book boxes...still have to label them (our class configurations weren't finalized yet)

The cloakroom area...I absolutely HATE the pink cubbies! Yuck!

The back wall...more ugly pink cabinets...and why did they have to put the sink in the middle???  The blue recycling container is for juice boxes, the blue bin with yellow handles is for returned library books (needs a label) and the little blue basket underneath the soap dispenser is for used paper towels...we're trying to recycle as much as possible.:)  This area definitely needs some work!

The other half of the back wall...more ugly pink cabinets :(  Although I do really like my "12 Ways to a Happy Classroom" board.  More book boxes (with the notebooks ready to have covers inserted)

Ugly pink cupboard which will hopefully be filled with Bucket Filler anchor charts.  The white shoe organizer will hold each students bucket (which are waiting to be labelled).

This is part of my Word Wall/Reading Nook area.  The white bins contain picture books.  Definitely need to put something on the wall of my storage unit.

The other side of the storage unit.  This is where I keep the Word Work supplies (which need to be labelled) and my frequently used math 'tools"

Shape of the Day schedule posted on my new wall of whiteboards (bye, bye chalkboards...finally!)

Gathering area with CAFE board all set up and ready to go...along with my re'new'ed director's chair, my makeshift chart stand, and Macgilla Gorilla :)

Our Star of the Week board

My SMARTboard!! (I heart my SMARTboard) with Hand Signal signs (courtesy of Clutter Free Classroom)

Clip Chart (need a sign, I think?)

My desk area...which already looks cluttered and the day hasn't even started!

Another view of the desk area with Homework Basket and a peek out the front door.

View of my room from the SMARTboard.

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