Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out of the loop!

Wow, I've just spent the good part of the day catching up on all the blog posts I've missed while I was on vacation!  There were A LOT! And it was a good activity for me to do because, I don't know about you, but when you've been on vacay, it's sometimes hard to go from this:

 At Castle Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria, Germany

to this:

So, now that I've got my teacher MOJO back in drive, I'm planning to go in to school for the first time since the end of June to finish up the stuff i didn't get to AND to prep for the first week of school which is in a week.  (YIKES!)  I will confess I did make a To Do List while i was in Europe and then revised it to include a Things To Do at Home and a Things To Do at School list because it got WAAAY too long! LOL

So now, i just need to FIND the darn list amidst all the luggage, souvenirs, dirty laundry...

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