Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laminating, Processing, Packing...Oh My!

This week I have been frantically trying to get as much school stuff done at home as possible before I leave this Friday for a 3 week vacation to Europe! (yeah!) And I am feeling the pressure...I had a binder bulging with 'to laminate' stuff that I was going to leave until I got back to school in late August (no, I don't have a laminator...well, at least, I didn't <grin>) but I know I will have so much to do AT school that I broke down and went to WalMart yesterday to buy a laminator!  Not sure why I waited as long as I did to buy one...??? I bought the Scotch brand one for $30!

Anyway, I have been busy today laminating my little heart out.  (Still need to trim.:P) Here's what I've done:
Laminating...very first one!

Shape of the Day Cards. . .  There were a lot!Thanks to Criss Cross Applesauce in First Grade

Rainy Day Mats.  These are from Teaching in Room 6. . . another freebie! :)

Hand signals...courtesy of Clutter-Free Classroom. . . freebie!

Boggle Letters...courtesy of Create•Teach•Share•. . . freebie. . .again!

With trying to pack and cleaning the house, it has been HECTIC to say the least!  But I got all my laminating done, all my class library books that needed new cards or labels have been processed, my Penseive and Substitute binders are as organized as they can be, I've got a handle on how the Daily 5 and Math structures will look like, along with ideas for Science, SS, & Health units. (I won't finalize those until I get a chance to talk to previous year teachers...with a split gr. 3/4 this year, I have to try to teach units that won't be total repeats for my gr. 4's).

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about not thinking about school for the next 3 weeks.  Of course, I will most likely NOT be blogging, either...:(( well, maybe once or twice if I'm not busy...ha, ha, ha...right!

Well, I'm off to finish revoir!

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  1. I have the same laminator! I love it!
    I have to get started on that too :)
    Have fun in Europe!
    Miss Elementary