Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classroom Procedures

I've been tempted to link up with the To Do List linky that is going around but I was afraid that if I started to write down ALL the things I wanted/needed to get done for school,  I'd start panicking! LOL. . . and I've just started my summer break . . . I don't go back until after Labour Day!  I am feeling a little under the gun though, because I'm going away in 2 weeks for a fab 3 week vacay to Europe (OMG,OMG!) which leaves me a week after I get back to get organized before school starts.

So. . . I've started by revamping my classroom procedures & routines (thanks to the influence of Clutter Free Classroom) into a more cohesive and thorough document that I can keep in my teacher binder AND in my sub binder AND in a copy for students to access. :)

It took me 3 days (they were leisurely days, but anyway...) but I'm quite happy with  what I ended up with.  If you'd like to check it out and perhaps use part or all of it you can download it here.

Up next. . . revamping clipboards, start putting together my Pensieve, teacher binder and sub binder, revamp an old easel into a clip chart stand, create Daily Math lessons for the SMARTboard. . . oh, geez . . . I'm making a list! . . . NOOOOO!......LOL


  1. Lol...your list sounds familiar. Love your about me...that's exactly what we will be doing soon as we close on a 90 year old house in early August. Can't wait to sand those floors and refinish windows! Cute blog and congrats on receiving Liebster's Award...hop over to my blog for more info! :))

    1. Thanks for the award Heather! Old houses are a lot of work but SOOO worth the effort...have fun! :)